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MANAGEMENT Ruth Papazian
Ruth Papazian, CEO and Editorial Director

Ruth Papazian is an entrepreneurial editor who is experienced in conceptualizing, launching and managing new online publications and/or news-oriented content for corporate and consumer Web sites.

Ms. Papazian conceived, launched and edited three HTML newsletters for Spinelli Corporation, a private investigation and litigation support firm headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. These newsletters are E-mailed to a nationwide audience that includes clients, attorneys, in-house counsel, top management CEO, COO, CFO, HR, as well as to the membership of the Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce:
  • The Spinelli Report, a monthly that tracks news and trends on such issues as due diligence, regulatory compliance, security programs, theft of trade secrets and white-collar crime;
  • Electronic Evidence Examiner, a monthly written by the firm's computer forensics experts and legal staff, which includes summaries of relevant case law, definitions of computer forensic terminology and real-life cases in which a computer forensic investigation uncovered crucial evidence in such matters as embezzlement, partnership disputes and theft of trade secrets; and
  • Financial Investigation and Valuation Examiner, a quarterly written by the firm's forensic accountants, business valuation specialists and legal staff, which covers such topics as valuation, transition planning, internal control review, shareholder dispute resolution and other topics, and includes summaries of relevant case law.
Previously, Ms. Papazian was Director of Content Strategy at First Genetic Trust, a start-up bioinformatics firm and genetic "bank" to facilitate DNA-based medical and pharmacological research, she:
  • Developed a content strategy and management plan for four portals through which study participants, physicians, genotype lab technicians and study sponsors access and interact with the company's online clinical study management and secure genetic banking IT infrastructure;
  • Managed in-house and freelance team that created interactive, multimedia patient education packages for Company clients; and
  • Created and wrote weekly HTML newsletter that updated senior executives and clients on research, regulatory and industry trends in the fields of genetics, pharmacogenetics and bioinformatics.
Other significant professional experience includes:
  • Editor, APBNews.com Safety Center. Ms. Papazian joined this start-up online news service to conceptualize, launch and manage The Safety Center portal, and its seven programs: Family, Home and Community; Transportation and Travel; Money and Business; Injury Prevention; Disaster Survival; Campus Safety and Crime; Special Reports); develop, assign, edit and write articles; direct a team of producers, writers, editors, designers, video/photo editors; and serve as a media spokesperson. The Safety Center averaged more than three million unique visitors per month.
  • Editor and Publisher of SAFE & SOUND® Newsletter, a B2B monthly that provided "family friendly safety" news and education to employees on Preventive Health, Food Safety, Injury Prevention, On the Road, Recreational Safety, Occupational Safety, Crime Prevention, Product Safety and Travel Safety; conceptualized, launched and managed the monthly publication. Ms. Papazian recruited top executives from safety and medical organizations to form an Advisory Board; devised research, fact-checking procedures; assembled and managed freelance staff of 40 writers, researchers and graphic artists; created editorial calendar for news and feature articles; provided writers with assignment letters outlining scope and content of articles, and deadlines for their completion; approved assignments and associated costs. Content from back issues was syndicated to CBSHealthWatch, Medscape and ABPNews.com.
  • Media Consultant to Fortune 500 companies, Federal agencies consumer media clients that included Web sites (Barron's Online, AMA HealthInsight), consumer publications (American Health, Ladies' Home Journal, Harvard Health Letter, others) Federal agencies (FDA, AHCPR) and public relations firms (Burson-Marsteller, Ketchum, Porter/Novelli and Rubin Ehrenthal). Ms. Papazian ghosted professional journal articles on nascent research for prominent researchers nationwide; wrote patient education materials; wrote health and medical articles for consumer magazines and Web sites; and wrote press materials on emerging medical research (press releases, backgrounders, scripts for video/audio news releases and slide copy).
  • Articles Editor at Weight Watchers Magazine, a women's magazine that was attempting to transition from being a house organ to appealing to an up-market subscription and newsstand audience. Ms. Papazian repositioned magazine to compete in the women's health-and-fitness category; improved editorial quality, and focused on topics of interest to women struggling with career and family responsibilities - not just weight - to appeal to a more sophisticated, up-market audience; served as a media spokesperson; and managed an in-house and freelance staff of 60.
Ms. Papazian is an award-winning writer and editor. Among the journalism, marketing and public relations awards she has earned:
  • 2004 Spotlight Award/Gold, from League of American Communications Professionals. The Spinelli Report received a Gold Award for Excellence in the Internet - Newsletter/Magazine category in the annual, and was chosen as one of the Top 100 Publicity Materials of 2004 (with a rank of 61) out of 850 print, video and Web entries vying for the honor.
  • 2004 Clarion Award/Honorable Mention, from Association for Women in Communications. Electronic Evidence Examiner was recognized in the category, On-line Publication Corporate/For-Profit, based on substance, style, originality and achievement of objective.
  • 2003 Spotlight Award/Silver, from League of American Communications Professionals. Electronic Evidence Examiner received two Silver Awards: Excellence in the Internet - Newsletter/Magazine category, and Best Narrative across all categories of competition - print-based, video-based, Internet-based and multimedia publicity materials.
  • 2000 Nat'l Journalism Award in the category, Web Reporting, from Scripps Howard Foundation. For an in-depth analysis of crime risk on U.S. college and university campuses produced by the APBNews.com Safety Center.
  • 1994 Sword of Hope from American Cancer Society. For a three-part series on breast cancer that ran in Harvard Health Letter.
  • 1993 Silver Anvil from Public Relations Society of America. For a public service program underwritten by Hoffmann-LaRoche on preventing neural tube birth defects with adequate folic acid intake in early pregnancy that was conceived and executed by the Food and Nutrition Group at Ketchum Public Relations, for which Ms. Papazian was the senior medical writer.
Ms. Papazian graduated from Hunter College, CCNY with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communications. She earned a Master of Science degree in Science and Medical Journalism from Polytechnic Institute of New York.