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SERVICES: E-Mail Advertising
E-mail advertising can augment other electronic and print programs by enabling a company to communicate with customers between newsletter issues, as well as to avoid the cost of hard-copy mailings or print advertising. E-mail advertising can be used to:
  • Offer an invitation to a seminar or a Webinar - and to send reminders on date/time.
  • Send customers and vendors a holiday greeting.
  • Make a special offer.
  • Invite customers to participate in a contest.
  • Call attention to new Web site upgrades, new blog postings or new podcast files ready for download.
  • Announce of a major change, such as a move, M&A or the opening of a new branch.
[C]onsumers are increasingly likely to make purchases either online or offline in response to permission-based email (PBE), to see it as a replacement for direct mail communications like bills and statements, and to use it for customer service. ... A significant percentage of consumers consider email to be a replacement for telemarketing and direct mail to their home addresses, while a smaller number see it as replacing their bills and statements. There is great promotional and upselling opportunity for permission based email: the majority of consumers are interested in special offers incorporated into operational emails like those used to notify of order fulfillment. ... Sender recognition and content relevance are the keys to successful email marketing; both have a dramatic impact on likeliness to open and convert. ... In something under five years, permission-based email has taken its place within the spectrum of marketing tactics that consumers accept
and desire.
Source: "DoubleClick's 2004 Consumer Email Study," October 2004
OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS works with your in-house or outside marketing and public relations specialists to devise E-mail advertising campaigns by providing content, design and programming support. We will:
  • Advise on targeting specific segments of your customer or mailing list with specific messages and offers.
  • Integrate the E-mail advertising program with other online sales, marketing and public relations initiatives.
  • Design E-mail advertising materials that remain consistent in appearance and functionality, regardless of which E-mail programs recipients use (i.e., Outlook, Yahoo!, Hotmail).
  • Execute mailings in strict compliance with the Can-SPAM Act.
  • Redesign print advertising materials for repurposing as E-mail advertising - and redesign E-mail advertising for print to hand out hard copies at trade shows, to include in media packets, or to publish n a newspaper or magazine.
  • Track such metrics as deliverable/non-deliverable copies, number of recipients who opened the electronic mailing, number of recipients who opt in or out of future mailings, and number of recipients who followed a link from the E-mail newsletter back to the corporate Web site.