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SERVICES: Webinars
A Webinar - or Web-based seminar - is an interactive presentation, lecture or workshop in which the presenter and the audience can give, receive and discuss information. Webinars can be audio-only (conducted by having participants dial into a teleconference, and submit questions online); high-quality video productions (viewers click on a link to view the Webinar and can simultaneously participate in a real-time online Instant Message-like dialog); or a canned audio or video presentation augmented with a blog to enable participants to ask and get answers to questions.

Webinars are a cost effective way for a company to:
  • Communicate specialized information to a target audience, especially one with certain demographic characteristics, but geographically dispersed.
  • Enhance name-recognition.
  • Generate solid sales leads.
  • Build relationships with current customers, as well as prospects.
Slp3d began marketing its live Webcasts from hospital operating rooms as an educational
tool that would allow top surgeons to lecture far-flung doctors in the same branch of medicine. These days … a majority of the audience will be potential patients. …The Webcasts last an hour or more. They often feature complex operations like heart valve replacements and organ transplants, and they can showcase new medical devices. Some procedures focus on life-threatening
conditions, but viewers have also seen surgeons deal with torn rotator cuffs, degenerated knees, varicose veins and excess folds of skin left after gastric bypass surgery for weight loss.
Source: "Live Surgical Webcasts Play to Potential Patients," The New York Times, July 6, 2005
OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS works with your in-house or outside marketing and public relations specialists to:
  • Develop Webinar topics that meet the marketing objectives of clients in specific industries or providing specialized services - as well as the informational needs of their customers and other stakeholders.
  • Provide editorial guidance to your in-house or outside public relations or marketing specialists on scripting and structuring a Webinar.
  • Advise your in-house or outside public relations or marketing specialists on leveraging other online and offline advertising, marketing and public relations programs to publicize the Webinar and to recruit and sign up participants - and to execute the online components of the publicity and recruiting plan.
  • Research and evaluate vendors providing Webinar hosting, video production and other services, and oversee video editing and production services provided by such vendors.
  • Edit audio files, compress them for speed of download and optimal sound quality, and upload them to the corporate Web site; upload video files to the corporate Web site.
  • Provide multi-platform and player support for audio and video files (i.e., MP3, Windows Media, WinAmp, Quick Time, iTunes).